Monday, November 4, 2013

Dulce o Truco

  Dulce o Truco it was Halloween here and yeah they don't really do anything to celebrate it.  The kids just dress up and stay be their houses and do nothing…  So for pray I have clothes… we can't wear anything like that in public only tie and shirt unless we are going to do service…  there really is nothing in Santa Fe to go see so when I transfer I hope to see some cool sights!  Transfers are this Tuesday but I am pretty sure that I will stay here cause I am on this first 12 weeks with my comp..  Elder Menjiuar left it was a sad day…  we were really good friends… he said that he will keep in touch!!  Oh by the way mom how is that IPHONE, treating it well I hope…??

I am washing my own socks!!
  So the ZLs had a family that needed baptism interviews so my comp got to go cause they can't give it to families they teach…  so it was this huge family!  We sat own and was there for about an hour and then 2 more hours for all of the kids going to be baptized…  the kids that were waiting killed me!  Not really they were all per me and kept playing with my stuff and hands I of course had no idea what they were saying but it was all good I love them!!!!!  They were just the best little big family ever!!  I pulled out my camera and they loved it!  They took my camera and took like 30 photos of random things hahaha!!  I come to figure out that I connect with the kids better than adults… HAHAHA!!

Here's part of the family
  So yeah mom I was thinking about the time I was younger and you let me stay home from school and you and I went to go and see Disturbia…  I was just day dreaming about that moment when we were walking around.  I lag behind my companion so I am able to think about the good old times!

  Well you know nothing is really happening just that we are getting 8 more companionships that are sisters come so District Meeting is going to be weird…  Those are on Tuesday so we will see who they are.  The language is coming along just takes some time…  I am finally learning how to cook so that is great!!!!  Haha tell Wiscomb I will marry her daughter and tell Brady to keep practicing tramp ball because when I return its on!!!  Well keep telling people hi love you thanks for the letters and really looks like things are running really smoothly!  Well love you family!!


Elder Webster
This is a little girl from the family!  She is so cute liked to touch my face!!