Monday, October 28, 2013

Rain, Lightning, Roof Tops

Well family…

  So last Sunday it stormed here and was just so sick to watch!  Went on the roof and watched it with Elder Menjuiar.  (He is the other Comp. that is a Native.)  So we watched the storm for about an hour then went to bed.  Was so sick to see the lightning and stuff!!!

  The other day it was Elder Menjuiar birthday.  He turned 21 so we bought him some ice cream and stuff and yelled surprise!!  He was super excited/happy!

  So the other day we went to Resistencia for my Visa!!  So it is half done just did finger prints and signed some papers.  Others had to witness I was there.  So it is not all done but in a week or so I will go up and get a photo of myself and be a citizen her for 2 years so that is exciting!

  The other night it hailed like crazy!!  Like golf ball sizes and was intense!!  It broke windows it was crazy, it was so loud but luckily we were out in our pent chin  but is was super cool!!!

  Nothing really crazy beside the weather is going on down here just been chillin….  and doing the Lord's Work.

  Wait, our hot water went out so everyone showers really fast in the morning.  It wakes me up super fast.  I don't like that feeling so much!  Our landlord came and fixed it so that was exciting.  We through a little party to celebrate.  We had some ice cream type thing, they made it while I just watched…

  So the other day we came home about 10 minutes before we were supposed to so in our pentch I decided to pull a little prank on the other Elders.  So we have bunk beds and me and my companion pulled their mattresses out and put them on the roof and made their beds look like they were still made and their mattresses were still there.  So we then started planning and then heard them come in.  We heard them start screaming in Spanish.  They came inside and were yelling and laughing, I was laughing so hard it was so funny!  They had to climb up on the roof and get them down…  they were having a hard time but they were good sports about it!  (They are in the picture, Elder Munjuiar is behind me and Elder Corassco is next to him.)

  Of course one day when we woke up it was raining, like super hard.  I don't have a rain jacket but Elder Menjuir gave me his old one but we were walking here and the weather is so Bi-Polar and changed to super hot!  So I was wearing a long sleeved shirt plus a jacket, and it's super humid down here so I started sweating.  It was okay when the sun was hidden!

  I have almost made it through my first transfer this is so exciting!!!  So yeah just been trying to work with people and investigators so we will see if they keep coming to church and get the baptism ready!!!!!!!!!  Love ya hope Emmy had a good birthday and Monster Mash that sounds exciting!!

  I know where my rain jacket is….  have Emmy ask Brigham Jackson….

  Well gtg love you all hope that the party was fun sounds like a blast.  Love our family parties they are the best!!!!  PEACE!

Elder Webster

Monday, October 21, 2013

Kiosco de Mou

Okay well hello family,

  Just been doing splendid this week.  Wondering if you are doing good things with my iPhone and keeping it safe...  just kidding!

  It's funny, but my Comp doesn't like to stop and wait for me to take pictures.  (I take a lot so I get it!)  I love going home and seeing the other Natives I can always feel 10x better no matter what my mood is.  I just really love them!  I keep telling them to come visit me when their mission is over they just need to buy a plane ticket.  Their names are Elder Menjuir and Elder Corrasco they are 21 and 18 they are the best ever!!!!!!  I taught them some fun phrases in English and so they say them all of the time!  They are also showing me how to cook so I am getting better at cooking and not burning eggs so much...  but yeah they show me tricks and show me so I can do it...  I am learning how to do, Mom when I come home you don't have to cook for me all of the time.

  We found this guy name Miguel and he is 50 years old and plays video games all the time.  So I talked to him bout is and he has become my favorite ever!!!!  He is trying to learn English so when we visit him he always trys to talk to us in English...  it is pretty fun...  All that's really going on if just trying to find new people to teach but La Siesta is killing us!  We keep running into other religions and they always use the bible to bash us and they like to give us a lot of pamphlets of their religions it's fun.  I am going to keep them and see how many I get for a while...  Nothing else is really happening just trucking along...  So yeah don't worry it's all good!

  Love you guys stay in touch I'll send more pics of things if I can find them love you all!!

Elder Webster

P.S.  Happy birthday to Emmy on Saturday the big 1 7!!

Questions ( 14 de Octubre 2013)

  It's funny I get the Companions who like to walk fast!  That's okay still trying to learn that is all.

  My apartment is pretty good, have 2 bunk beds and living with some other Elders that are Natives.  One is from Buenos Aires and the other is from Ecuador.  Really love them so much they know some English, when they try to speak it it makes me smile.

  Typical day is that I get up, work out 'til the shower is ready for me then study, I am on this personal study for the first 12 week, then go out and work, then come home at 9 plan then eat then bed.
  So I have found this cheap cereal thing that I eat in the morning and 5 out of 7 days we get fed by members so that is a plus!  Every time is different, its like fried chicken with rice and this oily salad, other times its Empenadas other times its like a pasta, other times it is just a chicken thingy...  Don't really to cook, only sometime for like dinner but the other Comps help me out in our house so that is good.

Wash............................................................................  Members do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I study I try to find scriptures for certain investigators.  You teach their needs.

So we are 3 hours south of Resistencia so sometimes when we have meetings for new missionaries or something we buy a bus ticket.  We get reimbursed, it's nice to not have to walk all the time.  It gets very tiring.

The weather is this...  you get out of the shower and stay wet like that the rest of the day.  I am starting to keep my bug spray on me cause I have been getting eaten alive.

Money, we get 900 pesos every month for food and transportation.  I took 300 pesos out of my real money but the peso to the dollar is like 5 to 5.  I am fine with the money, just might start buying some other things.  I really want scripture covers and this guy makes them in Resistencia so next time I am going to get some...  might send some stuff home to you guys for Christmas, but let's wait and see how things go.

  Some of the weird thing it that there are dogs everywhere!!!!!!!  I mean everywhere.  But yeah nothing to crazy just guess I have adapted to it or something not totally sure.  There are always more and more dogs.

  The people are the best!!  Our ward is so fun but I barely can speak but the kids always come over to me and ask for my gum.  But yeah in some parts the people live with nothing.  Dirt floor and a typical square house.  There is a street vendor named Wilson and he sells this meat thing that is really good.  He loves me and calls me Webster and Uuuuutah that is how it sounds!

Well tell everyone hi for me love you guys and tell the Wiscombs hi love those people!!!!

Elder Webster

P.S.  This is me trying to cook:

Conference Weekend and Jeopardy (Oct, 7,2013)

  This week was better with the language.  I am getting to understand how the people mumble their words together and I am trying to really focus...  sometimes I just sit while my comp talks to the people which is fine with me.  So yeah nothing really happened.  We were tracking or looking for inactive people and saw this girl about the age of 20 pulling weeds and said Hola and she came over and talked to her for a little while.  So we gave her the run down of the first lesson, yes I said my parts that I did.  And she was really liking it so she invited us over again.  So we went over and out popped 3 more sisters I remember one name it was Maria, I feel bad but it's all good.  Their ages are 15, 20, and 22.  They really love us what I mean that because they are really flirty.  Like a lot.  So Maria, the first one we taught, came with us to the Saturday morning session of Conference, we brought 2 other girls around that age from the ward to help us out.  When the session was over she said that she really like it and then we asked the other what they thought.  They both said they like it but one of them was really hungry...  it was all good.

  We found another girl around the same age 20 her name is Diana and she came with us to the Sunday Session and she really like it.  I was happy that we were able to get people to come, it seems like a lot of people that let us in are girls and not guys but hey that's still pretty good.

  So yes it was conference and I loved it more that I ever had at home, go figure.  If you actually have to pay attention.  I'm not saying that I never had before but you know...  So they broadcast it in the Church in the chapel and there is a huge screen for the Spanish and in the other room across the hall there's a small TV for English.  So about 6 of us huddled around and we watched it, was kind of funny to see us all sitting like that.  We bought food and watched.  I kept the Webster Family tradition alive and bought food after priesthood so don't worry keeping it going.  We are 4 hours ahead of you so yeah watched in live.

  The other day we had an activity with the Youth and they played Jeopardy.  They had no idea what that was.  So we explained what it was but I don't think they really understood.  The questions involved scripture stories and prophet and gospel things.  Then we had one for soccer and they got those REALLY fast.  (Faster then the religious questions.)  There were 4 boys and like 10 girls on a team yelling and screaming it was really intense!  I was on a team and another Elder was on another and we were giving answers and the other team got mad saying that it wasn't fair to have the Elder's on the team.  It was really exciting!!!  

  I am set I'm trying to find someone to hem my pants cause people are saying that I look like a clown!  Some of my pants are good so don't worry Mom it's all good!!  Love you talk to you soon!

Elder Webster

Santa Fe, Argentina (October 1,2013)

  Yes I made it!!  Sorry I sent my 1st letter to the wrong e-mail!  I forgot!
  Yeah I am in an area called Santa Fe so that is 3 hours outside of Resistencia.  It is a pretty poor place here.  We are whitewashed, that means that 2 brand new missionaries are sent to a new plce with no experience of that place.  So it's kind of hard to get around but things are going good.

  So things are good.  Just haveing a hard time with the Spanish.  My comp is from Canada and has 3 months left of his mission.  So I am just letting him guide me to eternal success.  He is a pretty cool guy.  He speaks Spanish very well.  So I am really glad.  Song things about the Grand Mission of Argentina is that you don't knock on the door, you have to clap your hands and they will come out to talk to you if they want.  It's pretty cool.  When guys say hi they give each other a regular hand shake then they turn their wrist back so the thumbs towards them.  If that makes any sense so that is pretty sick I love it.  The food here is good, the pizza is the best, they just put so many different things on it.  I have no idea what's on it but is way good and I love it!  The people that drive here are scary!  There aren't really any traffic laws.  There are many one way streets.   But again no stop signs so people just really coast into the intersection and speed up if someone is about to hit them so yeah you can't have road rage here.  The girls do little kisses on the cheek to say hi to each other.  What else...... ummmmm....  so our apartment is pretty nice.  I am with two native speakers they're pretty cool people love them.  It is a nice place.

We taught these members and I really just sat there.  I know that this will take time but I want it now!!!!!!!  So yeah we were walking around and stopped to talk to these other member and I started talking to the little kids out side and gave them some gum.  The kids got comfortable and started talking a million miles and I just kept saying yeah and laughing, cause they are kids, they don't really ask question.  People have a hard time pronouncing my name, I laugh and make them keep trying!  

  Oh yeah there is another things that is called La Siesta, which is at 1 to 5 is nap time and people honor that thing here so well.  So we have a hard time tracking and talking to investigators at that time.  But yeah I am just working hard and trying to do spanish...  My friend told me in the MTC to love the people and learn the language so yeah that is what I am doing!!  But love you guys running out of time I'll tell some cool stories nest time.  Love you all!

Elder Webster

La Gran Misión Argentina Resistencia 9/25/13

**Sorry blog hasn't been updated I will do better!**

Nombre:  Elder Webster

  Well hello family, I have made it to Resistencia!  After 4 flights and 48 hours of traveling, I made it!  I am really tired right now, but they are going to put us to work.  We stayed in a small hotel last night with just a pair of clothes for today.  I don't know who my comp is, but I can't wait to meet him.  Hopefully he'll be able to teach me the language.  The small city is really awesome!  Everyone has a Mo Ped of a dirt bike.  They love to weave in and out of traffic to get to the front.  There is no stop signs or stop lights, so you roll through and try to beat the person out, if there are rules I have no idea what they are.  Was kind of weird flying to Buenos Aires but it was an experience of a life-time.  We have more people that came with us.  There are about 25 of us, think there are 11 Native (boys and girls)  I have no idea what the Natives are saying... (Natives= non-members.)

  We got to Buenos Aires and went down picked up our bags and opened this door that leads out and I was like, here we go.  Some guy flagged us down and picked us up, the he put all of us in a little taxi van and we were off.  Really was this guy kidnapping us?  But we got to the travel center and they talked to us about the important paper work and all that.  Then we had a lay over for 3 hours.  Then they took us to the air port.  Had another 3 hour lau over and came here.  The key of knowing Spanish is to speak it.  So I will study hard to learn it.  Love you guys, I will tell you more when I get my p-day.

Elder Webster

PS Tell Emmy thanks for the music.  I knew I was going to need more than 37 songs for 2 years!