Friday, August 23, 2013

Spanish and the Spirit

Hello Family,

Thanks, I am trying to upload my photos. 

  Well we had to teach an investigator in Spanish for the first week... went okay just didnt really know what i was saying. When I was teaching a lesson, I was going to talk about Joseph Smith and where the BOM came from. I had kind of a script on table so I could just read it. But lets start from the beginning...
  I walked in and my comp said to say a prayer in Spanish, this was only the second time I said a prayer in Spanish. So I knelt down and started to speak.. I can't remember what I said but it really did sound like perfect Spanish the fake investigator looked at me smiled and gave me a thumbs up. I was so proud that I did it! Then my comp was speaking and then it came to me, I started talking about the BOM and Joseph Smith... thats all I can remember.. the Spanish sounded like i was a native speaker! Was the best thing that ever happened to me, my investigator asked a couple questions and then I answered them perfectly he said this makes sense now.. I couldnt believe it, then it came to my testimony and the Spirit was there and took over once again. I felt like I had the gift of tongues that day. What a fun experience I was so happy the rest of the day!! 

  I got the package and I got all your Dear Elder letters. Thanks I love getting them I can write on e-mail once a week, Friday. I can write hand written almost every night, dont think I am supposed to but I am going to do it anyways. I get your letters but I'll try to keep up and respond to them. When you send pictures send them like 3 by 5 or something like scrap book pictures. From Smith's or something, those small ones are easier to carry around thanks!!

  Sleeping hasn't been too bad, the food here is okay. And I have just been trying to play basketball or soccer but all my District are army guys and all they want to do is go lift. But the other day we played basketball and yeah... it's too easy! Hahaha! But yeah was good they are finally realizing that there are no girls around to impress with those muscles and no one really cares. The gym is pretty nice, played with some random people and I just feel like that some people have never really touched a basketball before. It's still fun! I'm going to head out with someone in my district tomorrow and play soccer. I really can't wait its going to be so fun.

  On Sunday everyone went to the Marriot for Devotional and when we were leaving, there was sooooo many missionaries!  We could only walk in one lane. The streets were crowded, I took a pic and I'll try to send it. Really looked like an Army!  We all answered the call and you can see that us young men/women are here to do one thing only and that is to serve the Lord!

  Love you all I'll try to upload pics right now! And yeah put on my Facebook or Twitter or Insta or something saying write me, cause I get bored here really fast. Ask Emmy to do it, she knows how to do it!


PS:  Send letters, packages, anything love it all!
Me and Hunter at the Temple
My District

Monday, August 19, 2013

1st Letter! (Handwritten)

Dear Family,

    Things are going good I am writing you a hand letter right now cause I think my p-days are on Friday and if you e-mailed my I won't be able to respond that soon.
     Today was a little weird but not too bad, I saw Patrick and he showed me all that I needed to do.  I went to my class and saw some Elders that looked like they had no idea either.  I finally met my companion and his name is Elder Valdez, he reminds me of my friend Justin who can bench 300 lbs.  He lived in Cali in this military camp, he likes to be on time, 15 mins before everything but that's okay I like being on time too.  I am rooming with 3 other Elders, they are a tri-companionship.
   I saw Seth Kershaw today, he was fun to talk to, and one of the foreign exchange students who came to live in our ward last year.  I didn't really see Hunter that much, he lives in the building across the sidewalk.  The food was alright today was chicken w/gravy and mashed potatoes.  Then we met in a room and had a guy come in and act like a investigator, I don't know if they were really telling the truth about their lives, but was neat.
  So I am just getting into the just of things and I feel like the process of talking to you guys will be easier and sending packages and stuff but it will be a bit.  So, you can still send me a letter or an e-mail now and things will be less confusing soon.
  I got all of my stuff out of my suitcase but it's a little crowded cause there are 5 of us and the room was made for 4.  Just trying to figure out space.  Tell Emmy to make me a movie list, all the movies coming out and all.  Well family I will talk to you soon, and send pictures, just when I get in the routine of things it will go faster.