Monday, January 13, 2014

The Black Market

This week has been pretty fun, just been chillin doing my thing. My comp and I are really good buds. We have like the same sense of humor so that is good. The language is coming along really well just sometimes frustrates me but I know that it will come. Umm we had a fun and just been hangning with the other Elders. I always do movie quotes so that makes time flys when we cant find people.. our area is pretty tough we cant find anyone.. and pres is coming for his daily 3 month interview tomorrow so we are going to get a nice lunch and yeah. SO my comp and I Elder White cleaned the pentch so clean like spotless.. the other comps didnt want to really help but the ZLs know that. But guess what big news! So the Assistences called my Friday and said they found my Christmas Package!!!! It was in Sanez Peña just got kicked around and was hidden!!!! SO that is exciting so this tuesday I will be able to open it! YEAH!!! So maybe write pres to be nice but that is so happy for me!! 

SO we had a BBQ with one of our progressing investigators and their names are Oscar and Romona. He works none stop for this security thing so it is hard for him to come to church.. sad but he loves us. the last visit just expressed how greatful he is that we came and always and always bags on the Calthlics him and his wife it is so funny. He is kinda a weird guy but I will tell you more later about him.. umm oh yeah the other day  My comp and I were walking and saw this guy sitting outside. (They just sit outside and drink Mata) so we walked past him and called us back and said De Donde son? Estados Unidos.. all scared.. and said hey want to buy some pasos for dollars and said yeah lets do it. We found the black market. He really wanted our dollars so we went to tell the other guys about it. Out of 4 we had 180 in dollars. So we walk on back the next day and we clap his house. The son comes out and gives us this nod thingy. He comes out and goes into the calle and looks both ways and gets on his cell phone to call his dad. About 10 seconds later this car all tinted out all just decked out with sick things pulls around the corner. The dad comes out carrying a brief case. Like the ones you see in the movies, the silver one. HE said follow me.. so we did. The son closes the door behind us. WE walk in and see 2 doors. And said whos first? We told him that we had to be together.. and he left and came back and said Bueno come on in. WE walk in and see this desk, stainless steal desk in like a banana shape with a lap top, smart phone, and a notpad thing. We sit down and this Dad guy is kinda big and had his nice cut off. He looked like Mr Jasnback from school. We sit there and just getting the chills left and right and then a door opens and we cant see. The room is dark and just have a light over us and the desk. We hear footsteps and this old looking lady walks in. In here 50s she has like a fro thingy and wrinkly face. She has a lot of jewrly you know how old women where it, was like that. She sits down. SHe askes for our phone and she turned it off. She thought we were like police or something. She said okay how much you got. I was struggling to take the money out and things were getting intense you could just feel the it in the moist air. I lay down 180 in all 20s. SHe grabbed on and examined it to make sure it wasnt fake. Just remember her long nails.. ehh.. and gave a nod to the dad behind us. He puts the silver brief case on the desk and she started calculating the money with 1 dollar to 9. WE stopped him and said we want it for 9.4 and said fine.. was scary. He got the money and she made sure was the right amount. We grabbed our money and shook our hands. He did like a knock on the door to make it fine that we could come out. We got into the calle and started walking.. right before I turned the corner I look back and all the people were staring at us.. was so intense! 

Things here are good just good. Big Tim wrote me same with Andooooooniieeee so I was happy about that. I got Andonie a sick Jersey and I am going to send it to him. It is like his home country but I am going to send with and Elder that is leaving this transfer and he lives in Utah so will get to him safe. Umm yeah nothing really just trucking along, tomorrow hits my 5months so that is fun! almost 1/4 done with the mission!! Well love you guys I will talk to you next week! Love hearing about everything! Tell the Wiscombs hi!

Elder Webster

January 5, 2014

Well hello family Webster,

Umm okay I will start off with New Years. We had to be back to our pentch at 8 in the night cause yeah the streets were crazy ill get that in a little. We did our work and got back and planned for the next day.. we really had nothing else to do.. my Comp has a rubix cube so he tried to teach us that. Took forever but I can finally do one!! Elder Brough (he lives in the other room) we were trying so hard to do it that night.. so was about 11:30 and we could hear fireworks going off all night but we kept watching the clock. Everyone started to get lazy and lay on the beds and go to sleep. I said Elder Brough you better not go to sleep here, he said no way I am missing this. So about 11:50 we got onto the roof. Just me and Elder Brough cause everyone else feel asleep.. and started to count down and hit midnight and the sky just glowing with fireworks! We have a good open view and we could just see everyone it was just crazy.. kids in the streets shooting themselfs with roman candles and throwing like bombs at passing cars, was a sight to see. About 5 mins in to this maddness Elder Brough and I saw this bright light out of our corner of our eyes and looked and just got huge. Was like this huge fireball that was getting bigger and brighter. Then all of a sudden.. BOOOOM! The power exploded right across the street! Shook the ground. We could hear everyone say like wow, what is up, all that fun stuff in Spanish. Everyone stopped with the fireworks cause it was pitch black we couldnt see anything. Really have no idea why everyone just stopped. Then all of a sudden this kid lights a huge firework like what we see on 4th of July screams Feliz Año Nuevo!! And the sky just got lit up with fireworks. So many were going off so loud so many things were just going on. About 45mins things were still going and we decided to go to sleep. Went into our room and was just sooo hot.. cause we had 6 Elders sleeping in there. Everyone wanted to sleep together. So I got a nice soft blanket put it outside and went to sleep on floor of our balcinie. About 2 hours in power got put back on and I climbed into bed. Was a fun night.

We dont have any zone confrences yet but the 14th we have a interview with the Presedent. We have one every 3 months so that will be something. Same with zone confrences every 3 months so in about a month in a half we will have one if I dont get transfered.

About Martin. We have tried last week to baptize him and he had to go on the trip thingy, so this week we called him in the morning and said yes it will all be good things are working out. Called him in the afternoon and said si things are great ill be there. The baptizm started at 6 and told him to meet us at the Capilla.. church and no show.. about 625 rolls around and we decided to call him and Soledad finally answers her phone. She said or Martin went with his other Dad to go play soccer. We were so pissed. So hermano Agonil shows up.. and took the phone from us. (He is the one that got her a new life pretty much) and just gave her the cane for everything. Soledad isnt really keeping her covents with the lord and being lazy with everything so he just gave it to her. All in all we didnt get to baptize Martin this week.. which is a bummer. We are going to have a lesson with her and Agonil to see what is up with everything so yeah.. 

Later that night we had a youth activity. All the youth came and set up a Volleyball net and started playing. They wanted us to play and so we did cause we thought you cant play competive soccer or basketball. Called the ZLs about 10mins later and they said no.. we had to stop. These people are so funny when they dont really know how to play a sport. After that the kids and some adults just sat around and didnt really do anything. I had to do something. I got a soccer ball and just started juggling it. One of my favorite boys came over and juggled with me. He is from the Agonil Family. Then his little brother came over. I started to do some tricks to show off a little but these kids were good. They said I am good for a gringo. Then they said lets play keep away.. they said that it is not playing hard to passing it around. Another person came over so we play keep away. My comp kept eyeing me and said just passing not playing or anything. Was so much fun I miss soccer so much. I kept putting between the persons legs when they tried to get it. And here if you do it to people that is humilating to them. They were laughing so hard just having such a good time! Then they wantd to play this game on how to score on the goalie. I will have to try to learn it more cause they spoke so fast and couldnt understand them that well. But they said that I was pretty good just need to practice more. I was like I am on a mission and said what is stopping ya? Laughed about that. 

I am trying to send some pictures but my card wont accept it. Think it might have a small bug on it when I tried last week in this cafe so I am giving it to one of my good Elders that just knows computers left and right and can fix anything so I will keep trying and when I do I will send a ton so dont worry they are coming!!

Well almost my 5 months and just feel like the I left yesterday. I always think about home and want to be ther but am having a great time here. Things will go fast once I hit a new area and get more comps. Well love ya all tell Reenne Hi love how she is so intrested. Cant wait to see her and just talk Spanish with her, love that family so much!! Love you guys hope things are going well love getting pictures and hearing what everyone is doing. Tell freaking ANDONIE to write me, you call his mom and make him write me! But thanks Ill let you know if I get my packetage or something!!

Elder Webster

December 30, 2013

Christmas.. wish I was there made me miss home when you showed me everything that everyone got and the traditonal movie thing which was one of my faves. But it is all good got back on tract and started thinking about the mission a little more.

So we have to come in our pentch at 8 till thursday so we dont get introuble or anything like that. Hopefully something here happenes at midnight really excited might pull another one of those christmas nightings. I wrote it so you could post it or something so here it is:

But that night we had to be at our pentch at 8 at night cause things here are just crazy!!!!!!!! A memeber brought this like Asado which is BBQ here and it littleraly is one of the best things I have ever eaten in my life! ITs meat and fruit salad thing and some homemade rolls just soo much stuff!!! But the streets here just get crazy they light up with fireworks so got this brilliant idea to get on the rough and watch the fireworks. We were watching them then our neighbors right besides us start lanuching these huge fireworks that you see at the 4th of july and something came flying at us! Like really started coming, the first guys jumped out of the way and boom hit me right in the leg. My comp grabbed it and threw it.. to this day have no idea what is was but was such a fun night. 

OKay back to what I was saying.. Um so yeah we were supposed to have the baptizm with Martin but went all wrong.. So we had the interview with him and the ZLs said that he passed so problem so the next day we were going to pick him up at 5 and walk him over to the church. We started walking over and he answered the door all happy and we were like yeah this kid is going to get dunked today so we walked up stairs to the apartment and Soledad was there sitting with her Mata. Said LISTO!! Means llike ready? She said that Martins dad is coming to pick him up and go to Resistencia to see his other grandma in the hospital.. this couldnt be happeing we were sitting there in shock like why didnt you tell us this Soledad whyyyyy.. all of a sudden the day pulls up and we book it down there to try to talk to see if we could stay for an hour then he could go. Got down there and said Martin get in and I jumped in front of the car, he slammed on the brakes and ran over to the side he was on and said what is up why are you leaving here?? Told us that he is going to see his mom and needs Martin. I was trying so hard to convince him to let him stay like I was saying like come on this is what god wants, we can just dunk him real fast like 10 mins and then he can leave.. he wasnt having it, so my comp pulled me away and said he better be here for next week. So hopefully next week...

During Church it was like 101 degrees and we had ac and fans going. During the 3rd hour of Church our electricity goes out... o my crap this was really hell that we were in.. Everyone was like lets go home but pres wasnt having it and some other people wanted everyone to stay.. us missionaires were just hidding till they figured it out. SO this huge guy started like playing with something and 3 fans got turned back on. THey were in the chapel and so they sent all the kids outside to have class and everyone else came in the chapel to get taught the 3rd hour. The 3 fans were working so when people were trying to find seats everyone ran to the seats with the fans underneth. tHERE were like 30 people just on top of each other trying to get cooled off. Was one of the funniest things I have ever seen! They were pushing and shoving was like the last seat on a bus and everyone wants it! So us missionaires were having a hard time just sweating and everyone else was too but we were nice and let them sit under them. Went back to the pentch and our electriity was out.. whyyyyyy so what I did was went to our next door neighbor and got this huge icecube and put it in a bucket and sat in it. Was really nice to cool off..

My Comp and I have gotten to know each other and just really started to connect with each other so that is good. Still likes to talk but I just let him talk so not too worried about it. Umm nothing much just thanks for the photos love them! I couldnt send them this week but I will send them this next week forsure! Got some sick pics of this sunset so get prepared! Looks like the fam is fun and healthy and yeah they are getting huge!! Love you guys thanks for everything cant wait to get that late christmas hahaha love you thanks for all!!

Cho Elder Webster

December 9 2013

  So the other day we had an activity at the church and it was one of the members birthday.  She was turning 18 and there were other kids.  After the kids grabbed me and said, "Elder, vamos jugar futbol!" I just couldn't resist and had to play for about 5 minutes.  Went in the back and started playing, these kids are so good!!  Got a little depressed how much I miss soccer!  I really want to play when I get back!

Can't wait for SKYPE!

Dads carving thing sounded way fun!  Really want to see how everything goes down when I get back! There weather here is so hot sometimes when it rains it poors then 20 minutes later the sun is out and it is a sauna and then at night there are a lot of bugs out there but getting bit isn't that bad any more!

The people in my ward are really awesome!!  They help us out so much!  We have lunch with them a lot!!  They always say hi to me and some things that I have a really hard time understanding but other times it's fine!

Yesterday was the Christmas Special thing so we watched that.  All the other missionaries that were close from here came and members and investigators.  So that was in Spanish and all the gringo missionaries cane in the room with a computer and watched it in English.  Was good and we got to stay out until 11 and right when we got home we all fell asleep.  Had no idea that the Church put on this kind of stuff.  (Shows how aware I am about everything right?)

  Soledad and her sone Martin have a baptizmal date for this Saturday she is really just ready for it.  But that family that was helping us got a call from her crazy boyfriend and said he wanted to start having the discussions but we know that he was just trying to get close to Soledad.  Not sure what we're going to do about it but we'll figure it out.  He keeps saying that they are married but Soledad says they aren't and so we are going to sit down together and figure out what's going on.

This Saturday we are having a big Christmas Activity right after the baptism.  It is a reenactment of the Cristo Birth.  I can't remember wha I have to be but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

My Comp leaves next week.  Not sure if I'll be staying in the area or leaving.  I feel like the mission is starting to pick up not sure why.  Seems really slow I just want it to be a year all ready.  

Yeah that's pretty much what happened just been walking around and trying to find people.  It is hard cause we have suck a small area to work in and everyone is kind of rich and never want to listen to us.  Can't wait till I am fluent!  Love you all hope Christmas is going to be fun!

Elder Webster