Friday, September 20, 2013

Leavin on a Jet Plane... On Monday...

So I leave to from SLC at 4:30am and arrive to L.A at 9:40 am and have a 2 or 3 hour layover till I get to fly to Argentina. So I will buy a call card here its only 5 dollars so dont worry about that. I sent you a letter also with the same info.

Things here are going good. Just been gearing up for the move but yeah nothing new the things are in the letter I sent. I have been getting all of the Dear Elders and packages so thanks for it all. Heres some more pics.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Which Webster?


Well got the package!  Love the ties, thanks for everything!  Grandpa Coles turning 86 man, that's an old man right there!  Hope the little canyon trip that Mom and Dad was fun.  Glad that you didn't get lost or haunted while you two were up there.  23 years?!  Geez that is awesome, time flies when...time flies.

Things here are doing the same, just gearing up to leave.  It's Tuesday and just been reviewing lots of things on the language.  One of my teachers Hermano Eaten said, "your language skills have jumped so much but they need to keep going."  We have this thing called ZRT's, which means you sign up for things and "floating" teacher help you out.  I signed up every single day, time to go hard.  Our older District just left and was sad they all went to Mexico.  I became good buds, I'll send pictures.  We had our Sunday Devotional and this guy who directed 17 Miracles can and talked to us.  Then he started to show some clips on that and something "Hanks" was a guy that could just heal anyone in that time.  (Which I thought was awesome.)  Then guess who cam on?  James Gaisford!  Was pretty cool to see, people looked at me and asked if I knew him and I said yeah I knew him.  Was coooool.  The speaker was really good wish it could have lasted longer.  Just as he was about to open up for Q and A.  Time ran out.

 So here's a new thing, we switch comps around.  I really have no idea why because we had never done that before.  It was just for Sunday morning the zone leaders met and told us that we had to switch these were orders come from the Branch President, I was still with Elder Valdez but we inherited someone else, his name was Elder Buckles.  It was a new experience, being in a trio, glad I had it.

Sunday, things were intense on Sunday.  I was asked to say the prayer (Sacrament for Bread/Water) in Spanish.  Was not too bad, but I had the water and when I was saying water I said "vino" (wine) and was half way down and was thinking to myself, I haven't said water yet.  So I started over, but it was alright didn't bother me...  that much.  After we sat down Branch President announces who will speak so he said "Elder Valdez" and then "Elder Webster."  So here's the crazy thing, that new district has an Elder Webster, so I was pointing to him trying to make him all nervous.  So when Valdez say down no one moved. I knew it was me, but the other Webster was really antsy and sweating.  I stood up and said, "Guess you're talking to me."  Everyone chuckled.  So I gave my first talk in Spanish about the Book of Mormon.  Was okay had my talk and tried to make it sound good, Pres said that my Spanish was coming along.  Made me feel really good.

After my talk Mr.  Valdez and I had to give a lesson on Recognizing the Spirit and Gift of the Holy Ghost (in English) to our District.  We had one of the Branch Presidents come in.  I had planned the lesson the day before so I took the reins and taught it.  In my opinion it was a really good lesson.

Well that's pretty much it so yeah love you all hope things are going good, I will write before I leave so PEACE!!


Elder Webster


I GOT MY VISA!!!!!! 


So it says I fly to L.A. then to Buenos Aires, then I take a bus ride or something not sure about that.  Luggage is that I have 2 bags that are checked, one carry on, and one personal one.  Pretty sure that the backpack is okay for personal.  It is exciting!  I keep getting those Dear Elders.  I will let you know if something comes up so yeah just wanted to let you guys know!  Got e-mails from friends and family thanks!  Hope you got mine!

Talk to you soon!

Elder Webster

Friday, September 13, 2013

Testimonies of Strength

  Okay so we have moved to the west campus. BTW I have been getting all of those Dear Elders, just takes time for my handwritten ones getting home. So sorry if you dont get them write away I promise you that I am writting you guys and getting the packages!!

  Other big new I think I got my temporary VISA!! So yeah its for 90 days so I think I will leave on the 23rd of September!!! That is exciting!! But I'll let you know for sure what is going on!! The West Campus is great so much easier, its freedom from the Upper one because the West is soo enclosed and stuff but yeah its cozy I'll send some pics of the apartment and classroom its really weird cause literally is just a class room hahah but yeah its great! The language is coming along, still dont have it all down but hey it works. 

  Cool experience was we did TRC (where real members come in with problems) and we went in and started talking to this lady about 40s Hermana Rice. She is such a wonderful person. We started off good, but we couldn't find her problem. Finally we started talking about families. She went off about families and told us that her family is doing great in the church and they believe in everything, but she stopped on her daughter. This daughter is 20 and in the Navy. She doesnt live with her anymore and she said she is having a hard time with going to church. She said she believes and everything but still has a hard time believing in things. Her friends pressure her to drink and to do not such nice things. So I got this feeling to talk about my situation on how I don't really dont hang with people that are members. And it was really intense, we talked to this lady for about an hour. She really was feeling the spirit and loved how I shared my whole life on how I am being strong in the church with all of these non-members. So at the end of it, we asked hey need anything? She said can you write my daughter about what you have shared to me cause this will help her a lot. So I am going to write her right after this and I'll let you guys know if something happens. If missionary work is like this, I cant wait to go out to the field and see how I can change lives!

  Hope you guys have gotten my pics and my letters (handwritten) I'll try to keep up with those, loving hearing stories and all that!! Thanks for all the pics, U of U stuff, quotes, everything really am grateful!

Love Elder Webster

Here's what my room looks like.


  Thanks for all of the packages and boxes I love getting them.  Especially for the U of U things and all of the Dear Elders, it is great!
  That's awesome that you saw Andonie!  Give him my e-mail address or something. I've got some questions about the soccer team.  Thanks for all of the letters!  Well we move to the West Campus.  And it is a huge upgrade!  Our class is just like an apartment building, our class is the living room with 4 desks.  We have a kitchen and 2 bathrooms, and to the left of the hallway is a fake investigator room that we teach in.  And then 2 more classrooms in the bedroom.  It is weird that we are studying in a living room, but it's nice and cozy.  Think it's in Raintree we are in the back corner and can see the football stadium, maybe we could hear the big game BYU vs.  Utah!
  Our house is just me and Valdez, we should have had the trio (trinidad) companions with us, but not all of them had a bed and they have to ALL have a bed...  BUUUUTTTTTT  there is only 2 so they got put into another room.  So we have 4 bed, 1 bathroom, and a living room all to ourselves!  It is really a blessing!  Don't have to wait for the shower, just the 2 of us.  I let Valdez shower first, so I can ponder in my bed a little longer.  But yeah, the move was really smooth and nice, we got our stuff packed it "neatly" and went on a bus that took us around, was really easy.  I don't know where the basketball courts are or where to workout yet, haven't had a chance but by the look of things, looks alright.  I'll send more pics of stuff so you guys can see for yourself.  I really feel this is my breaking through week.  I am so much better with the language, I can pick up Preach My Gospel and read it in Spanish, and say almost about anything in Spanish (Gospel Style), but still feels way good.  My comp and I are getting along a lot better now which is awesome!  I just feel like we are teaching a blot better now.  We had a lesson and it was our best one so far for this investigator.  More detail later.
  The food here is the same, can't escape the MTC food, hahaha no it's not that bad.  We have to eat in a big RELO.  The staff is nicer because they know more face and there aren't 3,000 of us demanding, well asking, for food at the top MTC.  Dinner yesterday, I was leaning on my chair like I always do and an older man in about his 50's came up to me and said, "Would Jesus be doing this?" I said," Jesus can do anything!"  The old man laughed and told me not to lean chairs, it hurts the chairs' backs.  But he stayed and got to know us and it is just a fun atmosphere.  I saw Griffen Clayton yesterday, this is his first full week here so that's pretty nifty.  He told me Steve Baxter is coming and I will be able to see him before I take off.  All of our District was just hit with some knowledge, we are 12 days till we get re-assigned or sent to Argentina (I think I maybe headed for Argentina...)  It is crazy to think about! We just were all thinking about it and Elder Mossman almost fainted, love that guy!
  We are playing this came called "Nativo," I am going to explain how to play and let's see if you can keep up.  It's a game were we have to speak a lot of Spanish.  Some one is the "Nativo" and tries to speak as much Spanish as possible so people will guess him as the "Nativo."  If he does his job right he gets a point.  Another role is "Mr.  Tampa," (Mr.  Cheat/Trick) he tries to trick people in thinking that HE is the "Nativo."  If you guess that person you lose points.  There are also, "Gringos," (2) and they TRY to speak a lot of Spanish.  If the "Gringos" get guessed by the "Nativo," they get an extra point, and if the "Gringos" guess the "Nativo" they get 3 points.  So this game got/getting intense.  I was the "Nativo" for the first round (switch roles everyday) and did an okay job, people did guess me, but right now I am tied for second with Mossman.  So let the games begin and 'May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor.'  Well that's about it, you'll get this letter and my e-mail on the exact same day so enjoy!

Elder Webster

Written on the front of the Envelope:

"Pero sin fe es imposible agrador a Dios; porque es necesario que el que se acuera a Dios crea que él y que es galardonador de los be buscean." -Hebreos 11:6

Written on the back of the Envelope:

Tell Emmy thanks for the quote on Robin Hood, was trying to think of that same one yesterday!
This is a good One!  "Remember who you are my son."  -Lion King (Symbolic to Padre Celstrial)

September 6, 2013

  Things are going okay.  I am kinda struggling with the language but I know it's going to come when I am going to need it.  Just been studying hard.  Well we are moving to West Campus September 10.  Heard that that place is pretty good so I am not too mad about it.  We will see if I will pack everything so neatly back into my suitcase.  Yes, I did get the cinnamon rolls and they were fantastic!  Thanks you guys so much!  That sounds so cool making all of the wooden wands Dad!  I am senior companion now so I am supposed to take the lead on tngs and show that I am the leader, so hope things will go all right in the future...  Keep seeing Hunter and that's always good, love that kid!  So said goodbye to Cort and Stephen.  Hope they do work.  Also, said goodbye to Arturo.  Haven't seen that guy for a ong time, can'r remember where he was headed but he was super excited about it.
  Went to the gym and played volleyball with all of these Tongans.  It was awesome they are so loud and just way fun to be around!  They are the best I'll try to get a picture.  Got the pics thanks, just need to show off to the other guys...  But thanks for all of the things you send, it's the best!
  I gave Elder Mossman $40 so he could send me some cool sandals from Hawaii and a lava lava.  It is going to be SICK!  I hope I get it in time before I leave.
  Well family love you all just nothing really new is going on.  I figured out how to upload pics, finally. So love ya, hope you guys have a fun school year, tell me lots about it what's going on!

Elder Webster

PS  I hope I have all of my paperwork in and will have it all out by the time I come home, because if I don't they might not let me back in the U.S.!  'MERICA!

This is one of our Presidency (2nd Counselor)
Elder Neil L. Andersen (not a very good picture)
Ward Members
Had to run in the rain after Anderson spoke tuesday night
These are my Italian friends Michael Driggs is right of me
Me and Seth Kershaw

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Birthday and Tie Trading

  Well hello family!  I really can't than you guys so much for getting me those gifts!  I really felt like I was at home with you guys!!  All that origami stuff was amazing, Yoda?  Priceless!  (Thanks Emmy, it was awesome!)  Love all of the stuff you sent, still trying to figure out how to use some of it, but the best!  We are putting up the mini-hoop, but people just are so uncoordinated it's so weird to me!  The bagels made me so happy!  Too bad it was fast Sunday, I couldn't eat it until dinner.  The ties are so sick, all the people on my floor wanted my ties!  Feels good!  Thank you and for the tie clip!  Just what is up with that little baby thing that you guys sell at The Red Balloon, it was funny, thanks dad!  Elder Mossom laughed for about 10 mins it was great!  Just everything in there made my day so much bettere thank you guys so much!  Love ya!!!
  Well, the night before our floor was doing a "tie trade" so everyone got their ties and put them around their neck and walked around till you saw one you liked!  There was about 12 kids with so many ties, it was crazy.  Michael Driggs (played Oly soccer) told me to go get mine.  I was nervous cause I didn't know what to do.  So I got them all and walked around.  Started trying to get one that was sick but the guys said is was his favorite.  Then five minutes in I was surrounded by people trying to get my ties, like I mean EVERYONE!  Most of them are going to Milan so they want those skinny ties which I have!  I just played so hard to get, everyone was getting mad!  But this one Elder brought out this paisley light blue thin tie, another thin orange tie, and this tie that had a couple of polkadots on it.  It was pretty sweet!  He wanted my light blue one and this purple one so bad, I didn't want to give it way but I wanted his...  We talked for about 30 mins then we made the trade, I got the peacock one with that blue and orange tie, which to me was a nice trade.  Those other guys were just trying so hard to get these other ties from me, but I couldn't my ties were to fresh/clean to give any more up.  But this one kid was a die hard U of U fan and he traded for the Utah one I had the ties are pretty nice that I got.  Good for trading I guess!  But yeah was a really neat experience!
  Besides that we had another Devotional at the Marriot Center and Elder Neil A.  Andersen cam and spoke to us, was great.  We were so close to shaking his hand, could just feel the Spirit so well when we got close!  Was amazing!  All of my District wanted to sing in the choir, so I had to go.  It was alright I guess, I just don't do that.  When the devotional was all over we had to walk back, and it was pouring rain outside.  So we walked/ran, the police were getting mad that we weren't using the sidewalk, but you can't control 4,500 missionaries trying to get out of the water!
  The Spanish is coming along, just keep praying to the Lord for help.  We did this cool drill thing where people in our district played as an Investigator and was playing the don't-want-to-let-you-in.  Made you think very hard to get what they need and get them interested.  Our fake investigator was about to shut the door and I took a leap of faith and said, "Que es importanta en su vive?"  And he stopped and he said, "Mi familia," then I started preaching to him about the Plan of Salvation.  Told my comp, we don't always need to go by the books we need to go on what they need.
  Today is fast Sunday and it is killing me all that food I got and I have to wait till 6:20 pm to eat.  Well guess it's good for me all the Spiritual Blessings.  Everyone else love ya!  Can't believer time is flying by tell me what's been going on love hearing from you guys.
  Yo se que Jesuscristo es el Savador, yo se que Cristo muerte para mi pedados.  Yo se que Padre Celestrial y Espirto Santo aydame toda día.  Yo amarso mí familia, ustedes mucho bendice en mí vivo.  Gracias con de la lengua.  En el nombre de Jesuscristo.  Amen

Elder Webstero

Only a Picture!

Us at the Temple the First Week