Saturday, December 7, 2013

American Thanksgiving

  Another week down. Or I should say another month down. It is crazy how time is flying by.. this 14th it will be my 4 month hit. So yeah will be pretty exctiting. Sometimes I just want to speed up time so I can just have all of these memories and come home but yeah time is really flying by. Answering your questions real fast. I havent gotten the package yet but I think it is just around the corner. I can feel a little Christmas around the corner but not yet. We eat 4 times out with the members so it is nice not having to buy food or anything like that so yeah. I just wash my socks cause when I give it to the memebers sometimes I am missing some and other times some get added to just washed socks. The language is a whole lot better. I look at myself coming and when I was having a hard time saying Estadios Unidos but now I can talk to people so I am trying to remember vocab but it will come I know it will just take time. Transfers is like in a 2 or 3 weeks so I will get a new comp. I am trying to get more photos just seems so normal to me now but I will take more. The food here is good kind of have the same thing everyday but that's okay!
Today this inactive and non member family made us pizza for lunch was pretty good
  So it was Thanksgiving here in Argentina and they dont celebrate it or anything. So I just explained to the Latinos and how it all works out. They thought it was weird but they love food so they liked that part! So when I got back to the house I said no I am having a Thanksgiving Dinner. So I made rice and Eggs and some noodle thing and something else.. forgot but was good. Set a small table for myself and made it all nice and clean and made some lemonade and found a pic of a turkey and set it as a place mat and had my own Thanksgiving dinner. Was great my comp just wanted to read scriptures so I left him. The other Elder was talking to my comp and the Native comp that is my bud just had dinner with me but had something else to show him an American Thanksgiving. 

So something new so.. our schuduel is changed. We wake up at 7 now and have personal study at 830 then go out  at 9 or something and work and have lunch with the members and come back and study during the La Siesta (nap time) cause it is getting hot here. Then lights out at 11 instead of 1030 so we will see if I like this but hate to say it I like waking up at 630 just the mornings go faster.

Last week I had an Asado with the member cause it was his birthday. (BBQ) so they cook on the ground have this cool stove thing and cook it on the ground. All this meat in the world was sooo good then had this homemade cake and this weird icecream but lets just say after I had to stay in the bathroom for quite sometime.

Had this huge activity with all these members and investigators. We played games all over the small church. So we had this Argentina game had no idea at one station, mine was musical chairs, and the other was Signs. These people hate to loose so when music chairs came they all were pushing fighting and shoving.. was really crazy!! Our floor is slippery so people were sliding everywhere and just was a blast to see! Then at the end we did Charades they acted out like different people from here and America. We had one of the hermana missionaries act out Justin Bieber and this kid got it like in 2 seconds was kinda weird but was funny! Guess the people hate Justin Bieber cause he had a concert here and steped on the flag.. wow.. 
Got really bored so I tried acting like a dog.. my comp didnt like that
  Sunday was like Stake Confresnce but they dont have like that so it was called District something and Pres. Heyman came and talked to us and the members and the other branches so we had like 80 people here. Was okay but after we had so much down time in our house. That day it rained soooo hard I thought it was like WWIII or something. The lighting was striking right in front of us. Was sooo loud was crazy! I spent all morning trying to get a picture but couldnt get a good one. Ummm nothing really just that we do have Zone Confrences every 3 months and its like a toss up if I get to see Hunter. Haven't seen him since we got seprated to our areas. Dont know where he is. But at the end of the month we have this huge gift exchange in Resistencia with every missionary so we will see how that is going to be fun!!! And they said I get to skype you guys on Wednsday just needs to get closer so we can get a time but Love you guys!! Thats really all, hope things are going good at school and tell Emmy to just make things fun.  Tell SJ just to keep her touch for soccer and Dad's Santas look way cool you will need to tell me about that. Mom thanks for all the updates love ya miss ya... Just wait soon I will be half way then done and I will be all yours!
During the rain storm
Elder Webster

I'm From London

  My comps is leaving to go home after this transfer, don't think I'll be transferred I might become a trainer but really I have no idea!

  This week was zone conference it was in Saenz Peña and it was a blast!  Even though we had to wake up at 4 in the morning and take a little taxi thing about 5 hours but I slept most of the way.  Then my comp and I went with the assistants to Resistencia for my VISA got my VISA so now I am legal in Argentina!  Can't vote but you know it's all good.  When we came back home we saw a McDonald's!  I wanted to stop so bad but we couldn't.  One day, we will get there!!
One of my favorite people
  Our water ran out this past Saturday and Sunday we had to go down stairs and across the street and talk with the neighbors to get water.  We had to carry these huge just and filled them up and took them so we had water.  The morning came and still didn't have water coming out of the shower so I decided to go old school with a bar of soap and started scrubbing.  Man it was tough but it was fun at the same time.  Now I feel bad that some people don't have showers.  The water was cold but I loved it!
We found this guy in our House
  This Sunday Soledad came and said she is ready to be baptized on the 14 of December so excited to hear that!  In total of people coming to church we had about 80 people come, normally we have like 20 we had to do a lot of work bringing the people this week!!!  I was so happy!!
One of the member's dogs
  We were doing some tracking and I was ready to go home so I decided to make things a little more fun.  We were talking to this girl and she asked where we were fun and my Companion said Canada and I said…. London.  She flipped she was so happy and kept asking me what part I was from and if I could see the big clock tower.  She asked me all of these things and I just kept making stuff up and she would look at me so confused!  Made my night!  My comp didn't think it was that great but I could tell he was in a better mood AFTER we talked to her.

  Well things here are going great I will try to take some pics.  I take my camera around with me a lot so  I will just send you guys whatever!  Love you all thanks for everything I will talk to you guys next week!!  The the big family at Chari's hi for me!!

Elder Webster

The Simpsons!

November 17

  My comp is the same.  We had companionship inventory where we talk to each other about things we need to work on and I told him straight up he need to help me out more.  He said he would so that made me feel better.

  So I am eating a lot of rice and eggs and this thing called Milinasa its chickens that you fry on the stove.  So you could say my cooking skills are getting better.  A lot of pasta with chicken inside.

  We just got a new Elder living in our house, he's from New York and a new Native who I love to talk to!

  So we've been teaching Soledad still and her boyfriend is just crazy.  He LOVES to drink and do drugs.  We went to talk to her one morning and he was there and kicked us out and was really really really angry.  So we basically got out of there as fast as possible!  Then that night she called us and said that he came home after dinner drunk and tried to hit her.  She called the cops but all the cops did was pick him up and dropped him off at a street corner somewhere.  He found is way back at about 4:30 am he came in still drunk and started chasing her and chased her right out of the house and tried to get her.  She called the cops again and he was chasing her down the road when he heard the cops coming so he ran into the house.  (Here if you run in the house the cops can't come in and get you unless there is proof that the person was hit.)  So the police waited for about an for and he came out and got arrested until Monday.   So a member is trying to help her out still.  Trying to find an apartment for her and the member family is willing to sign for the housing!  We will have to see what is going to happen this next week.  But she is still dedicated and prepared for the Lord it is crazy!!!  She has so much faith!!  I think she's going to get baptized sometime in December!  The member family even went as far as hired overnight security for a couple of nights.  I just hope that when we go back over to teach he won't be there.

  I don't want to sound selfish but I really want some Snicker bars and food but it's all good.  I feel like the bottoms of my cheeks are getting a little fatty but the rest of my body is fine.  It's weird…. growing up.

  This was really just a normal week.  Haven't really found any new investigators or anything.  Just that 6 new sister missionaries came over which caused us to have to cut down our area which is hard because there are very few people who want to learn about the gospel.

  Other then that I'm just hanging in there…  the language is coming along nice and slow… so when I return I'll be able to talk to the Wiscombs in Spanish!  Hahahaha!!  It'll be way fun.

  I wrote Emmy but guess she doesn't want to write back… but it's esta bien the natives really like her!! Hahahaha but love you all talk to you soon… I'll try to get a cool story this coming week!!  Love you all!!

Elder Webster

November 10

  Things at home seem crazy and fun!  Seems like a lot is going on…  tell SJ to work on her touch in soccer kick a ball agains the wall out side and try to control it and just keep working on that and tell her to look to pass and not hog the ball, coaches like when they see hustle and good passing and touches… Tell Emmy to have fun in school because when it's over it's over!  Tell her to live in the now!  Yeah wished Dad took a shot at the deer have a feeling he will get one soon…  mom keep it up!  Wish the Utes were doing better…

  Okay for things going on here, so everyday we get up and I work out I hope I don't get fat at all that is one of my biggest fears but I know that if I keep doing what I am doing I won't.  Then we do study and head to…  so my comp and I are spoiled.  We have lunch with members 5 times out of the week so its good not having to buy any food.  The member are really the nicest people ever.  Most of the time my comp just talks and I sit there and enjoy the day dream cause they just talk about random things and it's hard when I haven't heard any of those words before…  food here is not super crazy to eat.  We always eat pasta or some type of chicken and some other things that I'm not sure what they are but I don't really think I want to know……..

  We walk everywhere!  We have appointments with people but most of the time they use fall through.  During La Siesta (nap time) we have a hard time because people always say that they are Catholic and don't really let us in.  Sometime they come out and talk to us cause we have cool accents and they like hearing us talk.  But not so much what we have to say.

  We have found this person that really has been prepared by the Lord.  Her name is Soledad and we have been teaching her for about 4 weeks now and she really is keeping our commitments that we give her.  She had 2 kids and she's about 28.  Her littlest one reminds me about the little Olson in our ward, she even has the hair for it, and she loves loves her older brother who is 11 and she's about 4 or 5 no se but it's really funny to see the two together.  She has a boyfriend living with her and he is really addicted to drugs.  She is really trying to find a place to move and wants to get away from hims cause she he gets crazy when he gets drunk.  One of the member, without us even having to ask, came with us to the lesson and is looking for a house for her to live in.  Soledad just needs a job, her boyfriend won't let her but she is getting close!  She is almost baptized she just needs to leave her boyfriend.  So this Saturday we will see how things go.  The people we teach generally listen to us but we just have a hard time getting back to them.

  The other day we were teaching and ended around 9:15 pm and we were about 20 minutes walk to our house (pent ion) and we had to be there by 9 the latest at 9:30 so we had to run.  Running with a backpack filled with scriptures and pamphlets and a whole lot of thing.  My comp isn't as in shape as I was but we had to keep running.  Boom!  we go off running.  As we were running we came to a gang of dogs that were in our way and it would take to long to get around them so we had to go through them!!  All the dogs looked up and started to growl at us my comp said he had a bad feeling about this. But I says, "Hey the Lord put these dogs here to see if we could survive lets do this!  I took them head on, one came and tried to get my leg but dodged him pretty easy…  this little one was coming from my side and I pulled a Reggie Bush and jumped right over him!  (IT WAS AWESOME!!) then another one came up my left flank and I had to run on the side walk and he went for my comp.  The final dog was this fat pit bull, so i was shuffling my feet doing little steps faking right left right left right left and he then he came close and I faked left and went right (Just like I do in basketball.) the tiny legs of the dog couldn't handle the turning so fast and tumbled down on to the street.  So we ran around the corner and we were safe.  It was pretty exciting!  Then it turned into a movie and we had to cross the street and run through people cause this was the time of day where people come to and shop.  My comp all of a sudden stopped, I'm not sure why, then got to the other side and kids were in our way.  So he started screaming in English and Spanish and the kids parted like the Red Sea.  (So that makes my companion Moses right?)  Ran around the corner and saw the house, ran up to the door, got inside at 9:28pm.  WE MADE IT!  We were so sweaty I had to go into the laundry room and sit in a bucket of cold water.  I decided that we made history.

  Other then that not much is going one here it rained again but the water is nice and warm.  When I where a jacket I sweat.  I get more wet inside the jacket then I do in the rain.  Loved you all talk to you next week!

Elder Webster