Sunday, April 6, 2014

Starving Missionaries

         March 30

Well hello familia Wester,

Thats how the people say my name. 

Well umm this week was calm nothing really big happened. Let me think.. really nothing happened this week so this might be a lame letter... okay so we started off with just going out and teaching our people that are getting ready to get baptized. Most of them are kids like 9 to 12 years old.  Hey, if they can get a testimonio then they are ready for bapitsm. Our investigator, Liliana, didn't come to church so she has to come to church next week to get bapitzed. She is the one that we have been seeing and she has a testimonio of the church so I don't sé why she didnt come.. we will pass by today.

We had a lección with one of our kids.. His name is Gaston. We have taught him every lección in the book so he just needs to come to church.  We stopped by his house and he was up, but he didn't want to wake up his parents to let them know he was leaving the house.  He let us in his backyard to wait. He had a look on his face like I can't go and I don't want to tell you that I can't come. We waited for about 30mins and now we were going to be late for church again.We told him we were going to pick up another kid and we would come back. SO this other kid is 9 and he cant really read or anything but he loves us and the church so why not. He was waiting for us outside shooting rocks at cabillos and trees. He was worried we were not going to come. Swung back to Gaston and he told us that his parents said no that he couldn't come with us. I think he lied but its all good we will talk to his paretns on Martes to see if he can really come to church or something. Walked 30mins to church and I had to give a talk.. wow thanks for giving me a heads up on being prepared, but that is what the misión is about suprises.. but its all good. I gave a talk on faith and the talk that Eyring gave.. Mountians to climb. Wasn't bad just gave some quotes and told a story that I saw about a USC professor. Some people could understand me and others not so much.. Ismael (the 9 year old) was doing good until Sacerdocio.. he got all poudy and I had to take care of him.. he didn't want to be in there and then his pen broke and he started crying. He kept looking at me when his pen broke and tryin to get my atención to confrot him or something.. but I thought to myself I am just going to ignore him and he will stop.. It worked finally. He stopped crying and got him in for the last 10mins. Matia the big guy got the Aronic Sacerdocio too so he is going to baptize Ismael.

Was the end of the week and end of the month so we had no food at all.... for a couple of days we just had rice and eggs and sometimes just rice and what ever we could find cause we ran out of money for some reason.. but now we have food and money.. we were just throwing whatever we could find with the rice. Our dueños had a Asado (bbq) going so I thought to myself.. I will get their atención and they will give us some.. I was up in the window trying my hardest but I couldnt get their attention… darn! Then our lighter ran out that we have to use to lite the stove. Was Domingo so couldnt go out and buy one.. was thinking hard.. I thought that our neighbors had one. They haven't been home for like a month now.  I went out on our balcony and jump over to theirs. I looked at the sliding doors and knew doors aren't that good and you could just slide it open. I pushed up on the door and pop, it opened right up. I was feeling like a theif but we are hungry boys so I jumped over some things on the ground and grabbed their lighter and closed the sliding door. I was talking with my comp and said go return it. But then I couldn't.  The door was stuck.. but said hey its good they always smoke so now we have helped them stop. 

But besides that things are going good this week.  It is Conferencia General this weekend and can't wait for that. We are trying to find ways to watch it in English because its just not the same in spanish.. but we will see. We have entrevistas with Presidente this week too. I think this will be my last interview with the President Heyman until he leaves. 

Hope everyone had a good week and hope SJ had a great birthday.. was thinking about her and hope she had a great day. SJ Feliz culpe años! Hope that you had a good time in Moab and hope that this week was a good birthday week. Was thinking about ya and saw a pic of ya and you have changed into a big girl ahhh its soo weird! You will be driving when I get home!! AHHHH!! But make the most of the time you only live once a wise man said. Love ya hope everything is going good!! As for the rest of the familia love ya all.  Have a good week. Make the most of it!


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