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Freezing Water Warm Feeling

May 26

Flying with Harry Potter
Comp, Fabian, Me, Matia
Okay this week was good.  We have teaching Fabian.  The amigo de Matia.  We have been meeting with him everyday cause this is his baptismal week.  Our zone leaders came down for the interview with Fabian.  I paired up with Elder Galindo and we went to do the entrevista.  Fabian has really changed.  He really came to see how much he has changed during the interview.  So on Saturday Fabian was ready to be baptized.  We met with Fabian at the house of Matia at 4.  Because we met so early we had some time.  It was the Champions League Soccer Final, Real Madrid v Aletico Madrid.  We just had to watch it.  The game was so exciting.  It ended in a tie so there was suppose to be over time, but we had to leave to walk to the church so we missed the end.  The other elders de la Leonesa told us all about it.  Love soccer!  We arrived at the church and was great.  Fabian was really really nervous but was ready.  The water was freezing.  I thought it was going to be okay when I stuck my hand in but when I got in all the way it was really cold.  Fabian had chosen me to baptize him.  My arm was shaking and I had never said the prayer soo fast.  I dunked him and he came up with a huge smile on his face.  Made me feel better about the cold.  After Fabian forgot a towel so I gave him mine and I used it after and was cold.  After we had to walk back to Las Palmas - just the wind chill kills ya!!!

Its getting pretty cold over here.  Gets 7C but I found a sweater and the duenos gave me one without sleeves so I wear that too undermeath.

Sunday came along and we usually take turns who goes first in the shower.  So was my comp turn first.  He takes about an hour shower so I always have to hurryt.  Was about 7:10 when I heard him finish and we needed to leave at 7:50.  So I got up to get ready.  When I looked at the door handle it was broken.  He was locked in the bathroom!!!!  NOOOOOO!!!!  So for 30 minutes I was trying to get him out.l  I was close to kicking the door down like Matt Damon in Bourne Identity, but I cvalled Franco and he came up with his brother to break him out.  They tried everything.  Looked funny cause the looked like 2 robbers trying to break in.  Finally they just broke the door and got him out.  So now it is 8:45 and chruch starts at 9 and its a 30 minute walk.  Hurried and got ready and another missionary called me from the La Leonesa and told me Fabian was not at church.  We had to run over to Fabian's house.  Matia was over there and waiting for him to come.  Fabian had slept in but got up and quickly got ready.  We had to speed walk to church.  My comp was having a hard time keeping up so he would run ahead of me and walk then I would pass him and we kept doing that the whole way.  We got to church at 9:50 and at the last second was able to confirm Fabian.

Warm Feet
In our pension you can see your breath.  So I got a brilliant idea to turn on the stove to dry my shoes.  I turned it on and held my shoes over the fire to get them warm.  Really worked but my comp doesnt' like it.  But we have had to do it the past couple of nights.  Its cold here but our good familia Caballero always lets us in.  She is like my other mom here!

I called Herman Heyman about my throat.  Its been bad.  She suggested we come to Resistencia to see the doctor.  We went down and ended up staying at the pension of the lideres and Elder Creer.  They don't have appointments set at the doctors office.  You just show up and they will see you when they can.  We waited for a bit.  As you know when you are sitting anywhere in Argentina there is a dog sitting under the chair.  The same is true at the doctor's office.  The doctor called me in and told me to quit talking for 2 days.  So for two days I am not going to say anything and my comp will have to do it all.  That should be interesting.  I had to get a shot too.  I acted like the shot was killing me and it kinda scared the nurse.  It really didn't hurt at all.  She laughed with me.

This week will go by fast.  Getting along with the comp but he steals my food all the time.  He always denies that he is taking it but I can always get him to confess.  I just laugh it off.  I am getting to be a good cook.  I cook for both of us.  Comp doesn't even try.  Things are good here.  Love you all.  Til next week!


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