Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Finally Investigators!

June 3

Just read the about Gary's Wedding . . . really touched me.

Right now it is only cold if you are not in the sun.  A miembro gave me a sweater so don't worry.

This week was tough.  But we have found some people to teach.  We have talked to soooo many people.  We found one person.  We pass by her house all the time.  We passed by and this young mom with a boyfriend and brothers and hija were there.  The boyfriend did not want to hear.  He just made his Mate (tea).  But during the leccion everything was great.  She really felt the espiritu!  When I was telling her about las familias she was like I was waiting for something like this to come.  Yes!!!!  Finally found someone to teach and progress.  We passed by again another day and the boyfriend and some of the other familia wanted to hear this time.  We left some things to read for the family.  Explained to them to keep los madamientos de Dios and the you will have a great familia.  She said that she wanted to come to church, but she didn't wake up in time to come.  WHY??????  But we passed by Domingo and she was really sick so that is why she didn't come.  Is hard to see that.
Storm coming in

This other person that we found has a huge familia. They liked how I talked so I was able to teach really well.  But they didn't come to church because they don't trust their neighbors when they are not at home.  The neighbor's mom died so they will just come into the house and make themselves at home.

So my throat is still bad.  The doctor said not to talk for two days.  That is bad.  So I started with no talking on Tuesday and ended on Thursday.  I communicated with my comp by testing on the phone and showing it to him.  So this was the first time that my comp had to do everything.  He was nervous teaching the lessons.  He was getting stuck quite a bit with the teaching so I texted the leccion and he relayed it to our investigator.  Was tough not to talk.  Had some tough questions to answer from the investigators.  That was day one.  The next day was worse.  People were asking really hard questions and just took a long time to write and answer them.  But my voice is getting better.  The doctor said with time it will be better.

Transfers are this week.  We will get the call tomorrow, but tonight Matia invited us over to the house to chill for a bit.  That will be fun.  Our duenos we will visit tomorrow and out good familia Caballero we will also visit.  I will send pictures next time.  Franco is cleaning my memory card right now and hopefully the bugs will all be out.  It rained a lot lately.  I have two more months until I change out my shoes and start wearing a new pair.  My shoes have small holes in them but I wear little plastic bags inside.  I have been getting lazy working out in the morning but that will change.  My comp doesn't want to run in the mornings so that has been tough.

We are going to Walmart again tomorrow and I need to get some things.  This will be our last Reunion de Distrito in Resistencia.  Send me pictures and let me know how Danny's homecoming goes.  Miss him!  Love ya all.  Have fun with work and love ya!!!


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