Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Little Homesick

May 19

So another week is down.  Everything has been going so fast.  I hate seeing people come home.  It was very tough to see Hunter leave.  It was so tough reading Hunter's note that he left for me.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I hope the others can make it out here with me.

This week we had a multi conference zone.  We left to Resistencia.  We heard a mensaje from Pres Heyman about the Espiritu Santo and just soo many good things.  Everyone we asking really deep questions.  Pres answered everything for us.

After we had huge sandwiches.  They were really good.  I saw my good old best pal Elder Menjivar from Reconquista.  He is about to end his mision in 2 transfers but told me to keep in touch.  It was good to sit by him and talk to him about a lot of stuff.  He is just like a good friend that I would hang out with at home.  We had sandwiches, watched a slide show and then played bingo.  Hermana Heyman always does stuff like that.

I still don't have a voice.  It has been 2 weeks now.  I called our area doctor and he told me to buy this pill and just give it time.  It is tough cause I want to talk.

This week was hard.  I was thinking about home way too much.  We couldn't find anyone to teach and half of our investigators died.  The end of the week was the hardest.  Came home Thursday night and had to plan.  My comp does not participate.  He just sits and waits for me.  But I was planning and I just couldn't find anyone.  Our hours were blank - like nothing.  I told my companion alright we will be walking alot tomorrow to try and find people.  He just said okay but I know that he hates it.  During these days we walked and walked.  No one would let us in.  I was getting sooo mad.  One lady was being soo rude and kids heckling us.  Was tough.  Was thinking while I was walking that I could just come home and it would be so nice and easy.  Wouldn't have to do this.  I felt the same on Friday and Saturday.  But later on Saturday we went to Matias.  After that it was so hot and still couldn't find anyone.  I just wanted to stop.  I wanted this transfer to be over.  I am ready to leave this area.  But then I started thinking.  I need to be here.  I need to help these people that don't have anything in their life.  I want to get this language down.  So I got myself back up, I put my head forward and then thought about all those times in soccer and basketball and football when I was hating life.  I could remember those good times in sports even though there were some really tough times.  I remembered a lot of lessons learned about tough times.  I picked myself up when all my thoughts were of home.  I just decided to talk as best as I could with the voice that I have right now and move on.  People have a harder time understanding me but I thought to myself look how far you have come - why quit now.  This is a new week and we are looking forward to 2 baptisms.  I just need to enjoy the things we have and not the things we want and don't have.

Sunday came and it was good.  Monday came and we found a mother and daughter.  I think the daughter is more interested in me than the gospel but hopefully they can progress.  Matia told us that he has been keeping Fabian under his wing and Fabian has not been smoking.  Unfortunately Nilda has smoked twice so we will have to put her off for a while.

It sounds like everyone is doing great.  tell SJ to keep up the good work and have fun with soccer.  I am glad dad is having fun with the Mountain Men stuff.  I tell people over here about it and they think he is a cowboy but more super.  I always laugh.

Until Next week - Chau

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