Sunday, July 13, 2014

Moving Day

May 12

Thanks for the great Skype really made my day so much better.  Its amazing to see all of you guys.  Everyone is really changing and growing up.  It is weird to see the time flying by.  In 8 months I will be able to see you all again and talk.

Last week we had nothing.  I mean like nothing to do.  No Reuniones de Ditrito or anything.  Some days were long but not I look back and really time flew by.  We are teaching Fabian and Nilda that are going to get baptized on the 24th of Mayo.   So that is good.

Nilda is having trouble leaving her smokes but we have found seeds that you chew and she is getting better with that.  She came to church so she is ready to be baptized.  This week she will be in Resistencia for some reason so we will have to wait for her to get back.  But she is ready.  She has a niece that gives me little things everytime I go over.  They range from little candies to little toys.  I have been adding to my collection.

Fabian went strong all week.  We kept passing by and bringing Matias with us so we had a member with us.  Fabian wants to get baptized but tells us that it is hard to drop smoking cause his younger brother smokes.  Those two are always together.  This week he will spend a lot of time with Matia so that will be a good influence.  Had a great leccion with Fabian on Domingo.  I had studied right before meeting with him about the iron rod and staying on track.  So I talked to him about that and then the plan of salvation.

Matia and I are having a race to see who can read the Libro De Mormon first.  If I wing he will make a asado and if he wins he gets a new tie from me.  He needs the tie.

We met a lady that is young and has a familia.  Her name is Patricia.  She doesn't have clocks or calendars in her house.  We had taught her one lesson and then she told us she was moving.  We told her we could help out.  We got to wear normal clothes for the day. It felt weird, didn't love the style I was rockin but I can live with it.  We got over there and there was a huge truck to put all of her stuff in. We loaded everything in.  No order to the moving.  It would have driven dad nuts.  But we finally got her packed up.  The move was about 5 minutes away from where she lives now.  We start going in the truck and then the driver gets all nervous and just stops the truck.  He is looking around panicked.  He finally asked if either of us knew how to drive a truck.  I thought, well, I do know how but I don't want to drive this huge truck.  My comp said no.  The truck guy looked right at me and asked me to drive - something just blurted out yeah.  The guy gave me a quick lesson because it was different then the cars I have driven before.  He said things I didn't understand.  I was just watching his hands.  My comp was freaking out and couldn't watch.  The truck driver got out and hung on to the side of the truck, and just watched so things wouldn't fall out.  So off we went.  Just as we started out there was a speed bump so I just put it in neutral and coasted.  Looked back and the truck guy flew up in the air when we hit the bump.  He was screaming so I took it that I needed to put it in a lower gear.  So the next speed bump I put it in the lower gear - just grinded the crap out of it.  Ahh that is bad - but it was all good.  Had to make a turn.  Did that part great.  Then the next turn was tight.  In my head I was like oh crap I don't think I can do this.  So I just thought to myself hey we got to do this so just go for it.  Boom hit the turn really fast and I kind of tail whipped the guy in the back.  He was hanging on for dear life.  He said some words that I didnt understand again.  Finally got to the house.  Just put it in park and told the guy in the back that he had better back it up.  The guy just smiled - It was great.

We all helped unload.  We each got assigned different jobs.  I was assigned to make the bunk beds.  okay had no idea what I was doing, but hey its all good.  They can sleep in a slant - its good for your back.  Then there was a big pile of sand that needed to be moved.  One bucket and only one shovel.  Comp couldn't do it.  He was too hot he said.  So I just moved this huge mound by myself and got it done.  Finally we finished and walked back to the apartment.

It was the birth of Las Palmas so there was a huge party.  Told my comp we needed a pictures.  We really couldn't go in but could see alot of cultural things going on.

Hope you guys had a good week and love hearing everything.
Love you all til aproximo semana!


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